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    QHB Welded Wide Channel Plate Heat Exchanger

    2019-04-30 Reading times: column:Solution

    Wide Channel Heat Exchanger

    Full-welded wide-channel plate heat exchanger . Full-welded wide-channel plate heat exchanger is a kind of fully welded clamped plate heat exchanger. The plate bundles are welded together by multiple plates. The plate bundles are clamped and fixed tightly by using clamping plates and high-performance clamping bolts. The special medium passes through the buffer tube box, diverter and guide tube box specially designed on the product. The heat transfer between plates is uniform. The cold and hot side tube boxes can be quickly disassembled by rotating folders, and can be inspected, maintained and cleaned from four face bundles. The adjustable flow structure and the installation position of the separator make the product more suitable for harsh working conditions. It is especially suitable for the treatment of solid particles and fiber suspensions, as well as viscous fluids in the production processes of metallurgy, paper making, sugar making, alcohol, chemical industry, sewage treatment and other industries.

    Product characteristics:

    U-shaped welding structure is adopted between sheet pairs, which overcomes the shortage of V-shaped material accumulation and has stronger pressure bearing capacity.

    Imported fully automatic laser welding without damage to plate

    Wear-resisting treatment of plate surface, wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting, prolong service life

    Main technical parameters

    N Bearing capacity: 2.1Mpa

    N Design Temperature: 350 C

    N installed area: 880 M2

    N plate thickness: 1.5-2.0 mm

    N sheet material: 304/304L/321/316L/dual phase steel, etc.

    N fixed-pitch columns are 316L