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    Company profile

    Company profile

    In 1998, Siping Juyuan Hanyang Plate Heat Exchanger Equipment Co., Ltd. established the Welded Plate Division, which is engaged in the research and development of technology, technology and structure of fully welded plate heat exchangers and scientific and technological innovation. Since its inception, the Division has devoted itself to the three innovative concepts of product, process and structure. With the concept of "not only to meet the market but also to be higher than the market", independent research and development, unremitting efforts! Twenty years of perseverance, twenty years of struggle, tackling key problems and breaking the mirror, cutting through thorns! In 2000, we obtained new patents for multi-combination plate-shell heat exchangers; in 2005, we obtained three patents for full-welded wide-channel, removable wide-channel and plate-frame heat exchangers; in 2010, we patented powder heat exchangers; in 2012, we patented three patents for main pump lubricating oil cooler, utility model, counter-flow plate-shell heat exchangers; in 2013, we patented welded wide-channel and counter-flow plate-frame heat exchangers. Two patents; two patents for the main pump oil cooler of Hualong 1 Nuclear Power Station in 2017.

    In order to enter the field of specialization and take the road of specialization, the advanced nature of all welding products from structure to process and even technology has reached and surpassed the international industry level. Siping Juyuan Welding Plate Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2019 as successor of Juyuan Welding Business Department and explorer of the specialization road of Juyuan Enterprise. All the staff of Siping Juyuan Welded Plate Company are conscious of continuing the spirit of the Welding Department for 20 years; responsible for carrying forward the glory of the past 20 years; determined to make the achievements of the past 20 years even higher!

    Juyuan Welded Plate Heat Exchanger Company has a wide range of products, wide product line and wide coverage of the industry. Full-welded heat exchanger products with new technologies, processes and structures are used as carriers to provide individualized and specialized solutions for military, nuclear, biomass, power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, ship, central heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, food and beverage, seawater desalination, distributed energy and other industries. Depending on customer resources, with the concept of big data and Internet of Things, the product operation parameter database and product life cycle service system are established.

    At the beginning of the new journey, we firmly believe that Siping Juyuan Welded Plate Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. will be more perfect with the support and help of old and new customers. We will continue to improve, innovate, learn and improve. Bring you more professional products, more perfect service.